Welcome to Sister Saheli - About us

Every month thousands of educated, empowered single working women in India have to move to a new city or within a large city as part of their jobs or to complete an educational course. India, with all its diversity, offers many opportunities and challenges to people moving to live in different cities. Perhaps the biggest challenge for working women is quickly finding a like minded 'Validated' Sister Saheli support structive which provides them friendship as well as assists them in finding safe accomodation and transport close to work and home. If 10 single women who work for a one IT company, Advertising firm or Bank can live close to each other, it would be beneficial to each of them in terms of security and social support.


How Does SisSaheli Work?

So that every member of Sister Saheli can quickly have a sense of trust and assurance, we would be doing basic checks of background of every new member so there is a level of comfort meeting people for the first time in a new city. After basic checks, all personal data will be returned. We will never keep or store your Date of Birth, Bank Financials or any other senstive information.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is a free service for every working woman who has to move to a new city. Our Donors who live abroad (and have daughters who studied and worked in India) have kindly donated funds for the first year so we are good with money.

What All Can SisSaheli Do For Me?

Firstly, it will introduce you to like minded single working women living near you. And later (if you want) help you find a suitable place close to work. If you wish, you can also join the group for social activities like movies, dinners our a weekend away to a place of your choice. Every group in every suburb can decide on what social activity they would prefer. We can also organize transport for the day for a small group if they wish.

What Can I Do for SisSaheli?

Our organization can only be strong if we have a educated, empowered single women working / volunteering a few hours of their time every month to help build the support structures on which we can bring everyone together. Volunteer with us. Give us ideas on how we can do better.

What Are The Key Maryadas Of SisSaheli?

This organization is only for the security and social support for single women who live on their own. No member is allowed to 'network' and 'market' and seek material benefits from the sisterhood. Lets restrict 'networking' to work environments and conferences and dare we say it - LinkedIn :) We meet in public spaces and no one goes to anyone's home till specially invited and all such commonsensical rules of life.

Why Do You Think SisSaheli Will Work?

We feel that such an organization is needed because every Indian family with daughters faces a stresful time when their children have to move to a different city. Will it work? Well, we can only try our best. As one of the donors to this startup said 'Better to have loved an idea and lost then never to have loved at all'

More Questions?

Email us at sissaheli@gmail.